Yotam Barazani – Garin Yehiam 2017

    17th December 2021

    "I can't imagine what drafting would have been like without Garin Tzabar...I honestly recommend to anyone who's thinking of making Aliyah, to come with GZ"

    When I graduated from High-School in 2014, I already knew I wanted to come back to Israel and serve in the IDF. There were several reasons behind my desire to serve. Passion, feelings of obligation (positive ones), and a desire to grow and learn.
    My connection to Israel has always been deep. I was born in Jerusalem. I lived there for 12 years and since I moved to Australia in 2008 there hadn’t been a year where I didn’t come back to visit. Israel will always be a home to me, it’s my family, my friends, my culture, and my heritage.
    Landing back in Israel always feels like being back home. I have to admit I always get a bit teary. I miss the air, the water the views. I know that when you’re living there, it sounds kind of funny, but every time I’m gone for a while, you really do start to miss those things.
    I can’t imagine what drafting would have been like without Garin Tzabar. I’ve heard some horror-stories of people making Aliyah without them, and I honestly recommend to anyone who’s thinking of making Aliyah, to come with GZ and utilize the tools and help they are offering.
    Although I’m back in Australia I can say undoubtedly that the army has helped me in almost every aspect of life. It has changed my perspective on things, has made me more responsible for myself and those around me. It made me realise that anything that needs to be done; can be done. It also certainly doesn’t hurt to talk about it in interviews!

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