15 Tips & Tricks for Hebrew learning

Here are some useful tips that will help you learn Hebrew before arriving to Israel and becoming an IDF lone soldier

1)    Lookup a Hebrew instructor. If you can’t find someone in your area, there are many options these days to do it online with someone. If you can’t find anyone, contact your
Garin director and they will connect you with someone.

2)    Listen to Israeli Radio stations: download Israeli radio stations such as Galgalatz

3)    Make a rule to learn every day 5 new words in Hebrew and write them on a card to keep memorizing them (

4)    Start reading Israeli news on popular Israeli websites: MAKO, Ynet, Walla, Maariv

5)    Watch Israeli TV shows and movies: Netflix has great options for it (search on Netflix keywords such as ISRAEL). You can also look online for Israeli websites to watch Israeli TV shows such as: Reshet,  Mako V.O.D

6)    Turn your phone settings to Hebrew

7)    Start texting people who speaks Hebrew in Hebrew, all the time, and ask them to correct you

8)    Order an Israeli book on Amazon or borrow from a friend and start reading it every day

9)    Watch online funny videos in Hebrew, such as Israeli stand-up artists: Uri Hizkiya, Shahar Hason, Ma Kashur, Tzhok Meha’avoda, Moa’adon Layla, Adi Ashkenazi, Matzav Hauma, Eretz Nehederet, etc’

10) Download MORFIX (Hebrew-English dictionary app) to your phone and start to look up words you can’t understand.

11) Download Duolingo App and start a Hebrew course on the app, which will remind you to keep practice every day, in a fun way of games.

12) Look online for websites that can help you practice online, such as this one: Ministry of Aliyah- learning Hebrew, or this one: Hebrew for Olim

13) Schedule phone calls with friends from the Garin that can help you practice Hebrew, and make a rule to speak ONLY in Hebrew.

14) Search online- you would be surprised of how many websites, Youtube videos and other resources you can find online

15) Another wonderful way to expand your vocabulary is  to listen to Israeli music, look up the words & start translating them (and you also get familiar with the culture -2for1!),  with: Israeli Children songs, Army bands songs you can begin and get all the Hebrew lyrics at Shiro-Net



Behatzlacha! (that's good luck - see you already got started!)