Scholarships & Volunteering for Discharge Lone Soldiers

As a discharged lone soldier there are many organizations you can volunteer within exchange for university scholarships
Here is a list of some organizations offering you many opportunities:

Tzofim Garin Tzabar

There are many volunteering and job opportunities at Garin Tzabar.
Join us as madrichim during the Absobptiion period or help us prepare the next generation of Tzabarnikim

HESEG Foundation

The HESEG Foundation (HESEG) provides full academic scholarships and living expenses to qualified applicants. Preference will be given to candidates who are recognized by HESEG as lone soldiers.
Compatible with volunteering through Garin Tzabar

Minhal Hastudentim

Minhal HaStudentim (the Student Authority) is a branch of the Israeli government located in Misrad Haklita (the Office of Immigrant Absorption). It is specifically designed to assist immigrant students through their university experience.


IMPACT! - FIDF Scholarship Program

The IMPACT! Program grants scholarships to IDF combat soldiers who have completed their military service and wish to begin their studies, but cannot afford the expense of higher education. The IMPACT! scholarship, covers around $4,000 for each year of studies, funding the cost of tuition and other expenses and is given for the full duration of B.A. studies (up to four years)

Atidim - "Take Off" Scholarship

The program provides talented young individuals who've immigrated to Israel on their own with the critical support they need to pursue a college education and get on track to a brighter future.

Ach Gadol

Ach Gadol (Big Brother) is a unique social initiative aimed at connecting former lone soldiers with current or recently released lone soldiers to provide connection and assistance. The volunteers of Ach Gadol, are all present students of higher education or young professionals.

Cnafim (Wings)

The Wings Program facilitates a supportive, safe beginning for lone soldiers being discharged. Wings provides an all-inclusive educational, career, financial and life-skills program.