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Garin Tzabar summer 2020!

As Garin Tzabar members of summer 2020 finishes their first month in their new homes after many new experiences they are getting ready for the next chapter of the Absorption process that includes advance army fitness training, enhanced Hebrew studies in Ulpan and will attend many army screening days  – GOOD LUCK!

Support a Future Lone Soldier and donate a Festive Chag Dinner!

This year, our Olim won’t be able to have a Rosh Hashanah dinner with their relatives in Israel.
Let’s remind them they are never alone!
We are humbled and overwhelmed by your support as we are about to achieve our campaign goals!
Please donate a dinner to our future Lone Soldiers.

1 On 1 With Lt. Noam Delgo - Head of Tzabar Department

Tzabarnikim in the President's list of excellence for 2020



Staff Sergeant T’ 



Well, we can’t tell you anything about her either than that she serves in Oketz (K9 unit), from Kfar Garin Tzabar Ra’anana and we are so proud of her!


Mazal tov T!



Lt. Ariel Nurieli from Garin Lahav 2016


Ariel is the second generation out of three in Garin Tzabar as he followed in his sister Sara who Joined Garin Magen in 2014 and their youngest sister Sharon Joined Garin Tlalim in 2018!


Mazal Tov Ariel, we are proud of you!
Edi and Zipora – Your Kids are amazing – Thank you for entrusting them with us!




There is not much we can share about Sergeant First Class R either….


But we can say he’s serving in the elite search and rescue 669, part of Garin Tzabar from Kibbutz Geva and just like the others – We love him!


Mazal Tov R!






Welcome to the family Tomer! 


Join us in welcoming our new Director of Garin Tzabar in North America – Tomer Schorr!


Tomer has years of Experience both in Education and Army enlistment process thank to his Military service as an officer in the personnel directorate of IDF.


Tomer has been part of  the Israeli Scouts Movement for the last couple of  years and was the “Dror” regional maneger and holds a B.A. in Bussniess and Economics form Bar Ilan University.


 Tomer is based in NYC and is available on (917) 543-4392 or garin@israelscouts.org

We are here for you!

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