Recommended Packing List for IDF Lone Soldiers

Personal Documents

Passport (Must – if you have more than one, bring both)

Copy of yours & your parent's passports

Driver's License

Print all your application forms you uploaded to our system and make a personal copy, bring one with you and leave one at your parents/relatives.

Copy of health history (vaccination, past surgeries, letter from a doctor), list of medication taken.

Proof of personal health insurance for the first month of the program

Personal Items

Clothes for all weather




Sneakers (closed, walking shoes)

Running shoes

Sandals (flip-flops, shoes for water)

Toiletries (Shampoo, Soap, Toothbrush etc.)

Any medicine you need - enough for at least 4 months

Sun block

Insect repellent - we recommend to purchase in Israel

Glasses/Sunglasses/Contact lenses/Contact solution

Small bag/ backpack (for short trips)

Digital Watch with a timer (preferably waterproof)

Mini-locks for your bags

Bedding - sheets for single bed (twin), pillows, pillowcases, and blankets



Un-locked phone and charger

Pair of shorts and a shirt for sport

Clothing to sleep in

Electric plug adapters for Canadian/American/European appliances

Sleeping bag (you can purchase in Israel to)

*all of the above at your own responsibility

These are just recommended Personal items

IDF tasks for army preparation before moving to Israel

Before the participants arrive in Israel there are a number of preparations that should be done ahead of time in the intention to assure that the processes are finished on time and delays will be avoided.

The following are the examinations and forms that the applicants must prepare (mandatory) ahead of time:

1. A complete and signed medical questionnaire (from your Garin Tzabar profile) and details of your Israeli Health Maintenance Organization-Kupat Cholim

2. Eye Exam \ Vision Test

3. Fundus exam - interior surface of the eye. For those whose glasses number is higher than (4-)

4. Urinalysis - If there are participants who are interested in getting a urine test before arriving in Israel, must make sure that their urine test is done as close as possible to their arrival in Israel and up to a month and a half before their first-call up to the IDF (Tzav-Rishon).

5. Updated medical documents regarding every medical condition that exists and is known.

6. HIV test - For those who have a tattoo/s.

7. Didactic/neurological/psychodydactic diagnosis in the Hebrew language only.

8. Prescription for Ritalin/Concerta/ any other medication for ADD/ADHD (including the prescribing doctor's signature).

9. Proof of degree/diploma

10. Participants who are applying for combat positions and do not have siblings will be required to provide an “Only Child” form signed by their parents (you can download it from your Garin Tzabar profile).

11. Participants who are applying for combat positions and their siblings are not registered as Israeli citizens will be required to provide one of the following:

A. Parents notarize declaration that they have more than one child
B. Participant and siblings birth certificates with an apostille.
C. Participant and siblings' birth certificate, parent's declaration that they have more than one child, and participants notarize declaration.