Preparation Seminars

Part of what makes Garin Tzabar unique is the intensive preparation process in which all members participate prior to moving to Israel.

The Tzofim Garin Tzabar seminars focus on four main topics

The Group
Build a supportive group that allows the participants to make the right decisions for themselves and creates a meaningful groundwork for making aliya and integrating into Israeli society


Army Preperation
Provide valid information for the enrolment process and set expectations for serving in the IDF


setting the Tzofim Garin Tzabar roles and regulation in addition of providing technical information about the absorption period


Israeli Society
Explore issues that concern Israeli society and creating a safe zone for different options to be heard



“I can honestly say that Garin Tzabar was the best option for me in order to make my army process much quicker and help me get the job that I wanted.”

Yuli Malachi – Ra’anana Garin Tzabar Village 2017

Yuli Malachi - an IDF Lone Soldier with Garin Tzabar

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