Participants come from different places in Europe.

    The Preparation process in Europe will start in February 2024 and will end in mid-June 2024.

    The preparation process will be based on three physical seminars taking place over three weekends (Friday to Sunday) in London, and additional online meetings taking place over Zoom. There will be weekly online Hebrew class once a week.

    Participation in all seminars and all online meetings is mandatory.

    For more information, please contact garinaeu@israelscouts.org



    Summer 2024

    1st Seminar:    23-25 February 2024
    2nd Seminar:  5-7 April 2024
    3rd Seminar:   7-9 June 2024

    Opening ceremony of the summer session (absorption period) in Israel – August 22nd, 2024

    Winter 2023

    1st Seminar:    27-29 October 2023
    2nd Seminar:  24-26 November 2023
    opening ceremony of winter session in Israel – December 28th, 2023

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