Garin Tzabar

Preparation Process

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Tzofim Garin Tzabar Seminars are held all over the world – choose your location for further information.
If you are currently applying from Israel, your preparation process begins in Israel.

The Seminars

Part of what makes Garin Tzabar unique is the intensive preparation process in which all members participate prior to moving to Israel. The preparation process includes 2-3 preparatory seminar weekends obligatory for all candidates.


    The Groups

    Build a supportive group that allows the participants to make the right decisions for themselves and creates a meaningful groundwork for making Aliyah and integrating into Israeli society.

    Learn About the IDF

    Provide valid information for the enrollment process, IDF positions and set expectations for serving in the army.


    Setting the Tzofim Garin Tzabar roles and regulation in addition to providing technical information about the absorption period.

    Learn About Israel

    Gain insight into Israel culture and society.

Program Requirements

  • Age

    From age 18 at the day of enlistment (inclusive), until 22 (women) and 23 (men)

  • Stay in Israel

    Prior visits to Israel, or life in Israel for an accumulated time of two months or more

  • Education

    High school graduate

  • Preparation Seminars

    Participation in the preparation seminars

  • Certificate of Good Conduct

    Proof of no prior criminal record

  • Military Service

    Not obligated to serve in the IDF, according to the law by the Ministry of Defense

  • Aliyah

    Must be eligible for Aliyah

  • Commitment

    Commitment to participate in the program as defined in the admissions packet

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