Participants come from different places in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific.

    For more information, please contact garinaus@israelscouts.org

    December (winter) 2023

    Parents info night (pre-preparation): 10/9- online
    Seminar 1: 13-15/10 Sydney
    Seminar 2: 17-19/11 Melbourne (Location TBD)

    August (summer) 2024

    Orientation Day (Location: Melbourne/ Online) 15th- 17th March (09:30-15:30)
    Online sessions: 19th May, 23th May

    December (winter) 2024

    Parents info night (pre-preparation): 10/9- Online
    Seminar 1: 13-15/9 Sydney OR 18-20/10 + 27/10 – Online session
    Seminar 2: 22-24/11 Melbourne (Location TBD)

    Questions about Seminars in Australia

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