by Garin Tzabar Parents

My child is interested in joining the program - what is the process and how do I get further information?

The process starts with applying  to the program, once your child applies, a Garin Tzabar team member will interview him/her and once everything checks out will invite them to our preparation process

We have created a timeline that describes the whole process of Garin Tzabar in details – Check it out – https://garintzabar.org/parents-timeline/ 

How much time will my child have to serve?

Well, girls serve a minimum of two years, three years if they want to do combat missions. Boys – if you’re 18-21, you’ll serve 32 months, if you’re 21-22 you’ll serve two and a half years, and above that, you will serve two years. However, the exact amount of time changes from time to time according to the Israeli parliament decisions.

How long is the program?

We have two sessions each year, a summer session and a shorter winter session. IDF service time varies according to gender, age and position and it is no less than two years.

Summer Session:

Preparation Seminars: January-May

Absorption Process: August-November

Enlistment: November

Winter Session:

Preparation Seminars: October-November

Absorption Process: December-March

Enlistment: March

For further information – check out the Garin Tzbar timeline

How will my child accommodation actually look like

As part of the Garin Tzabar Support system, all of our accommodation is subject to the ministry of Defense Standards.

Each apartment holds up to 4 participants dividing into rooms of max 2 participants.

All of our apartments are equipped with showers + toilets, single beds to each participant. wardrobe, desk, chairs, air conditioner, or heater-cooler.

in addition, each Garin receives a Clubhouse that includes a fully equipped kitchen.

Unlike some other housing solutions for Lone soldiers – Garin Tzabar apartments are private and no one uses the room or bed while your child is in the army.


If I want to send my child a care package, where should I send it?

Each Kibbutz has a P.O.B, to get the exsect address, we advise you to contact the Kibbutz coordinator.



when does my child gets the special vacation to fly home?

Lone soldiers are entitled to a special, 30 days vacation once a year, your child can use this vacation in order to fly home.

Once in a service period, the army will pay for your child’s air ticket to fly home.

For more information regarding IDF lone Soldiers benefits: https://garintzabar.org/lone-soldiers-benefits/


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