Lone Soldiers Benefits

    Flights to Visit Home

    Lone soldiers are entitled to one month off per year to fly home and visit their family. They are also entitled to one free flight throughout their full service to visit their families abroad, paid for by the Association of the Soldiers of Israel. The dates of leave must be approved by the proper commanders of the soldier's unit, and must go through their Mashakit Tash.

    Yom Siddurim / Errands day

    Lone soldiers are entitled to one errand day per month, which is not on account of sick or special leave. The errand day is granted mid-week and not on Fridays or holidays.

    Special leave

    Lone soldiers whose parents live abroad are entitled to up to 30 days special leave abroad each year of service.

    Vacation due to a visit

    When one or both parents arrive in Israel for a visit, the lone soldier is entitled to up to 8 special vacation days, subject to the approval of their commanding officers. This vacation can be split up to twice per calendar year.

    Holiday Coupons

    On Rosh Hashana and Pessach, lone soldiers are given coupons of NIS 250 per holiday to assist them during the holidays.

    Daily allowance during sick leave

    Lone soldiers on sick leave at home for three or more days are entitled to a retroactive allowance as from the first day. To receive the benefit, contact the unit’s NCO in charge of service conditions (mashakit tash)

    Additional special leave

    may be obtained for an urgent financial or personal problem, the first five days of which are on account of ordinary leave.

    Early departure home

    Lone soldiers are entitled to depart for Shabbat or holiday break at a time that allows them to arrive home by noon, to allow them to get ready before Shabbat or the holiday begins.

    Food grants

    Lone soldiers are entitled to NIS 150 per month for purchases from supermarket chains. This right does not accumulate from month to month and cannot be used to purchase alcohol or cigarettes.

    A preparation course

    for civilian life prior to discharge.

    Increased monthly military salary

    including grants from the Ministry of Aliyah and Integration and the Ministry of Construction and Housing

    Salary for Lone Soldiers*


    • COMBAT



    • Base Salary

    • 2,647 NIS**

    • 1,926 NIS

    • 1,327 NIS

    • Food payment

    • 150 NIS

    • 150 NIS

    • 150 NIS

    • Increase for Combat

    • 431.1 NIS

    • 215.6 NIS

    • Lone Soldiers Grant

    • 554.7 NIS

    • 554.7 NIS

    • 554.7 NIS

    • Misrad Habinui Grant

    • 402 NIS

    • 402 NIS

    • 402 NIS

    • Misrad Haklita Grant

    • 540 NIS

    • 540 NIS

    • 540 NIS

    • Up To Total

    • 4,724.8 NIS

    • 3,788.3 NIS

    • 2,973.7 NIS

    *Lone Soldier benefits, rights and salary listed above are subject to government decision as of January 2023 and are subject to change
    ** Lochem Chod base salary during the 3rd year - 3,276 NIS

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