The Tzofim Journey to Poland is known to be a deep, meaningful and Jewish experience. The Garin Tzabar group will be part of the Tzofim delegation and will take a part in the Tzofim ceremonies and gatherings. This group will be accompanied by three English-speaking guides: certified educational guides with an expertise with the Poland Delegation, and two social counselors with experience working with Garin Tzabar. There will be deep discussions on intimate topics regarding the Holocaust. We are confident that it will be a prominent milestone in your Zionist and Jewish journey to Israel, and course to your army service in the IDF. Most of the participants come back to Israel not only with a stronger Jewish and Zionist identity, but also with a stronger sense of “Tikkun Adam” and “Tikkun Olam”. The tour, including guides and discussions, will be conducted in English, with Hebrew quotes/songs/prayers. The journey is Shomer Shabbat and Kosher. There will be mandatory preparation seminars in Israel before the journey. The preparation seminars will include educational, social, emotional and logistic preparation for the trip. We will get to know each other and build our group, get to know the fellow Israeli Tzofim that will take the journey with us, learn about the history (including a tour to a holocaust museum in Israel) and becoming familiar with the journey procedures.

    Important Dates:

    Registration Deadline – 1/5/2018

    Payment Deadline – 20/5/2018

    Journey to Poland Dates – August 7 – 13, 2018

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    Itinerary: (Not Final)

    Krakow, Auschwitz-Birkenau, Lublin, Majdanek, Warsaw, Treblinka. We will learn about the rich history of the European Jewry that perished in the holocaust, the heroism of the young people who were uprising in the Ghettos and observe the undescribable horror of the concentration camps.


    1,440 USD, including the flight, transportation, 4-5 star hotel accomodations, 3 Kosher meals a day, health insurance, cost of museums and outings, pre-seminars, accompanied doctor, educational guide and two social counselors.

    It can be paid in up to six payments.

    Additional Details:

    • The journey is subject to a minimum number of participants.
    • Going to the journey is under the approval of your preparation process director
    • There will be a selection process. Please note that not all applicants will be selected.
    • Please note that you will need to be in Israel August 5th. Please make sure you have accommodation arrangement for this full period of time (e.g. family, friends, youth hostel, etc).

    Contact person: Shira Forman, garinco@zofim.org.il

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