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Garin Tzabar offers numerous advantages that shape a unique and fulfilling service experience. Garin Tzabar provides a supportive community, fostering friendships and camaraderie with fellow lone soldiers from around the world.

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Garin Tzabar


Garin Tzabar community network offers invaluable emotional support and a sense of belonging throughout the journey. Additionally, Garin Tzabar offers practical support, including housing assistance, easing logistical burdens and allowing soldiers to focus wholeheartedly on their service obligations.

After Garin members draft, the Garin coordinator continues taking care of the Garin, maintains constant contact with them, helps them resolve problems and issues that arise during army service, and organizes social gatherings of Garin members on weekends and during vacations.

Garin members serve a full term of military service, mostly at closed bases (where they lodge at the army base). Therefore, the main Garin activities during army service are held on the weekends, when Garin members meet again back at the absorbing community.

Garin Tzabar

Weekends during IDF Service

During the IDF service, on “open” weekends – Garin members meet up on kibbutz, enjoy the company of their fellow Garin members, staff and host families.

Shabbat Circle during the Weekends  is a support framework in which Garin members share their experiences during the past week, consult with others on various issues and help each other cope with the challenges of military service.

The Shabbat Circle serves as a cornerstone in the support and feeling of togetherness and cohesion experienced by Garin members.

Garin Tzabar

Shabbat Garin

During military service, Garin Tzabar organizes three ‘Shabbat Garin’ per year for Garin members. These special Shabbat Garins’ are held on weekends from Thursday through Saturday.


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