Garin Tzabar Madrich/ah – North America

4th September 2019

Become a Garin Tzabar Team Member in North America!

Garin Tzabar alum/na?
Live in San Francisco, Florida, or Los Angeles ?

Maybe you should consider joining the Garin Tzabar preparation staff! 

Garin Tzabar is looking for Garin Tzabar alumni to serve as madrichim during the preparation process that takes place in the U.S. 

This role includes 4 seminars that happen over the weekends throughout January-June.  During the seminars you’ll get an opportunity to guide and help build the new garin. 

We are looking for prospective madrichim in the areas of San Francisco, Florida, and Los Ageles. 

If you are interested, please email us at garininfo@israelscouts.org.

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