Garin Tzabar, an Endless Ideal

    Celebrating 30 Years of Supporting Lone Soldier

    Since the inception of time, Jewish people have yearned to the land of Israel.

    from Abraham to King David, Jabotinsky to Weitzman, David Ben Gurion to Menachem Begin, they all shared one ideal- Eretz Israel.


    it wasn’t always easy.

    Following your dreams never is easy, but it sure is rewarding.


    30 years ago,

    another ideal was born.


    An ideal that emphasized the group’s strength, an ideal of passion, an ideal that aims to provide the best support system for Zionist idealists.


    A group of 20 young adults decided to follow their dreams to serve in the IDF and made Aliyah to kibbutz Chatzerim, and the ideal became reality, as Garin Tzabar was born.


    In 30 years, the small program founded by the Israeli scouts in San Francisco has grown beyond imagination.


    Thanks to our partners and supporters we are now reaching out not only to Israelis who live abroad, but to Jewish communities all around North America, Europe, Australia, the Former Soviet Union, Latin America, Asia and Africa, and supporting over 400 new Olim and lone soldiers every year in over 70 different kibbutzim and communities around Israel.


    It has been our utmost pleasure to have been there for over 6,000 lone soldiers throughout the years, providing them a shoulder to lean on, love and family.

    We take deep pride and joy to see them follow their dreams and write the new chapter of Zionism in the book of the Jewish people by joining the IDF and creating their own families as they settle in Israel in the following years.


    Just like Zionism, Garin Tzabar is an endless ideal.

    We cannot wait for the next 30 years as more and more Tzabarnikim from every corner of the world such as you – will join the grand Garin Tzabar family -A Family for life.

    Are you ready to go?

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