Garin Diaries
web series by Garin Tzabar

For almost a year, we have been following four unique Tzabarnikim throughout their journey with Garin Tzabar.
From the days leading up to their Aliyah, landing in Israel, arriving to the kibbutz, going through the enlistment process, and to their actual day of enlistment.
We are thrilled to share with you the amazing journey of Jordana Meyer and Jacob Wertzer from Garin Geva 2020 & the twin sisters Maya & Noy Koshet from Garin Lochamie HaGettaot 2020.
In this four-episode web series, these four individuals will take you through their ups and downs, hopes and fears, thoughts and reflections as they make their way through Israel with Garin Tzabar.
What's in the Episode?

Get to know our 4 Tzabarinikim as they are in the middle of the final preparation before departing to Israel and starting their journey with Garin Tzabar.