Discharged Lone Soldier Benefits

There are many benefits waiting for you upon your release from the army, here are some of them

For the full list of discharged lone soldier benefits, visit the Ministry of Defense's Fund and Unit for Directing Discharged Soldiers website:

Discharge Grant

A discharge grant will be transferred directly to the bank account to which your salary was transferred during your service, within 60 days.
The exact amount depends on your service length and position

5 Years Deposit

A higher amount of money will be available to you for 5 years, during those years you can draw this amount for one of the following reasons:
-Academic or professional education
-Starting a business
-Driving lessons
-Buying a house or land
After 5 years you can withdraw the deposit for any purpose you'd like

Assistance in Financing Your Rent

You may receive 1,000 NIS per month assistance, for renting in Israel, during the first year after your discharge

Discount for Psychometric Course
(Pre-University Test)

A 1,500 Shekel Discount for a preparatory university entrance test as required by leading academic institutions


Occupational Counseling & Diagnosis

Full financing of a professional diagnosis by an occupational psychologist in professional diagnostic institutions, including orientation meetings, tests, feedback meetings and a full report

Exemption from Property Tax

During your army service & 4 months after your discharge


Income Tax Credit

Income tax credit for three years after you discharge