Garin Tzabar Director of Preparation in Israel

    15th February 2021

    Join us and lead the preparation team in Israel!

    Garin Tzabar is a unique program that provides comprehensive services to young Jewish adults (ages 18-24) who make Aliyah and serve in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) as lone soldiers.

    Garin Tzabar members must go through an intensive screening process that includes 4 seminars and other assessments. These seminars occur simultaneously in 8 different locations worldwide, with more than 800 potential participants every year.

    The Director of Preparation in Israel will be in charge of preparing hundreds of young adults for their army service as IDF lone soldiers with the support system of Garin Tzabar.


    The Director of Preparation has an all-encompassing responsibility to lead and manage the preparation process for Garin Tzabar candidates who are in Israel.

    This responsibility includes:

    • Managing a team of coordinators and councilors.
    • Marketing and advertising which includes creating partnerships with organizations and programs for potential candidates.
    • Implementing an educational process including mental, cultural, personal and group preparation while preparing candidates for meaningful military service.
    • Managing the screening process
    • Managing a budget frame.
    • Working with government and other official parties who are involved with the Aliyah process.


    Skills requirements

    • Army service/ Shirot Leumi – Advantage
    • Knowledge and familiarity with Jewish Diaspora communities – Advantage
    • Youth movement alumni – Advantage
    • Management experience – advantage if the candidate has experience in managing both paid employees, volunteers and/or “remote management.”
    • Experience in leading groups and team management.
    • Coordinating programs and projects in youth education and youth movements.
    • High organizational skills.
    • Academic education – advantage to graduates of social science, education, psychology, and social work.
    • Motivation and passion for work.
    • Ability to work in a team.
    • Personal qualities: dynamic, enthusiastic and creative personality, able to work independently and in limited time frames.
    • Willing to work flexible hours and sometimes on weekends.

    Full-time job, flexible hours including weekends and overnights.

    Starting: March 2021

    Send your CV to alon@israelscouts.org

    Equal opportunity Employer

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