Director of Lone Soldiers and Garin Alumni

9th September 2019

Support Garin Tzabar Lone Soldier & Alumni


  • Support Garin members who chose to leave their kibbutzim and live independently
  • Establishing a group of interst for Garin Tzabar alumni
  • Personal and group support for Garin Tzabar members 
  • Building and promoting a Garin Tzabar alumni network both online and offline.


Skills & requirements

  • High Level of English (Spoken and written) – MUST
  • Other languages – Advantage
  • Garin Tzabar alumni / Ex-lone soldier / Oleh Hadash – Advantage
  • Experience as a group counselor – Advantage
  • Personal knowledge of Aliyah and integration to Israeli Society – Advantage
  • Youth Movement Alumni (Israeli Scouts advantage)
  • Able to draft and excecute work plans
  • Able to work as part of a team
  • Marketing orieanted
  • Able to work beyond treditional office hours including nights & some weekends


Part time job in Tel Aviv area

CV send to Lital@israelscouts.org 

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