Opportunities at Garin Tzabar

    Garin Tzabar Director of Preparation in Israel

    15th February 2021

    Join us and lead the preparation team in Israel!

    BackgroundGarin Tzabar is a unique program that provides comprehensive services to young Jewish adults (ages 18-24) who make Aliyah and serve in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) as lone soldiers. Garin Tzabar members

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    “Heseg” Scholarship Volunteer

    9th September 2019

    Take part in the local preparation process to prepare the next generation of Garin Tzabar soldiers!

    HESEG Foundation (HESEG) provides full academic scholarships and living expenses to qualified applicants. Preference will be given to candidates who are recognized by HESEG as lone soldiers, who have come to Israel to

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    Director of Lone Soldiers and Garin Alumni

    9th September 2019

    Support Garin Tzabar Lone Soldier & Alumni

    Responsibilities: Support Garin members who chose to leave their kibbutzim and live independently Establishing a group of interst for Garin Tzabar alumni Personal and group support for Garin Tzabar members  Building and promoting

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