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    Jonny Maxwell from Garin Urim 2020 Shares his personal insights on his journey of Aliyah and becoming an IDF lone.

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    “Oi Tudo Bem?” – by Elie Bleier Garin Yizael 2007

    23rd August 2019

    "The Brusteins, my adoptive kibbutz family, were one of the greatest gifts Garin Tzabar gave me, and one that keeps on giving until this day."

    Twelve years (holy Hell!) have passed since I first landed in a strange new land called Kibbutz Yizrael. I arrived.

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    “My Garin Urim Family” – by Naih Anson Garin Urim 2018

    "It is difficult to remember life without my Garin Urim family or my greater Garin Tzabar family."

    The Las Vegas Jewish community is small but thriving. Within it, you can find almost everything you need. However, I.

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    ​ “What It Means To Be A Lone Soldier” -Julia Spiegal, Kibbutz Hanita 2015

    "I love my life here. For the good and the bad and everything in between, I love it."

    Being a lone soldier is really fun. Living with 17 other lone soldiers is a blast. Meeting new people all.

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    ​ “Garin Tzabar Gets it Done” – Garin Member, Kibbutz Yiftach 2010

    "If you have the option to participate in the Garin Tzabar program, there is no better way to go."

    We’ve now been living on the kibbutz for a week. I can say with full certainty that this was the.

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