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Mazal Tov! You have completed your army service and are about to embark on a new and exciting journey of civilian life in Israel!
As a released lone soldier you have many opportunities and benefits for the years following your service. We have gathered together information that will help you get a head start upon your release.

Remember – Garin Tzabar is here for you, always. BeHatzlacha!

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    As a discharged lone soldier there are many organizations you can volunteer within exchange for university scholarships

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    Israel ranks as the world’s 3rd most educated country, as 50.9% of Israelis between the ages of 25 to 64 have higher-education degrees

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    There are many benefits waiting for you upon your release from the army as Lone Soldiers, here are some of them

Alumni Say

See what our family members say about their journey
  • Yuval
    Garin Regba Southeast (Fl), Summer 2019
    “When my Garin and I arrived in Moshav Regba, we were immediately welcomed with open arms not only by our amazing…
  • Ari
    Kfar Tzabar Ra’anana Village, Garin Mechinot Summer 2022
    “As alluring as it sounds, many true challenges lie in the decision to make aliyah and enlist in the IDF as a lone…
  • Gabby
    Kibbutz Ein Tzurim. Religious Garin, Summer 2023
    “There is no better program for a lone soldier to draft through than Garin Tzabar. I am so grateful for the…
  • Roi
    Kibbutz Ramat Yohanan. Students Garin, Summer 2023
    “When I first saw Kibbutz Ramat Yohahan I couldn’t believe how amazing the kibbutz was, and even more…
  • Hannah Katz
    Hannah Katz
    Kibbutz Kvutzat Yavne 2014
    “There is no other way I could have imagined this journey without the help of Garin Tzabar.” “The first question…
  • Yotam Barazani
    Yotam Barazani
    Garin Yehiam 2017
    “I can’t imagine what drafting would have been like without Garin Tzabar… I honestly recommend to…
  • Sam Morrow
    Sam Morrow
    Kibbutz Tirat Tzvi 2012
    “I chose to do Garin Tzabar since I would be able to make Aliyah and draft into the army with fellow Lone…
  • Esther Seif
    Esther Seif
    Kibbutz Kvutzat Yavne 2017
    “From the moment I arrived at Kibbutz Kvutzat Yavneh I knew I had found the support system I was hoping for, provided…
  • Einat Senderovitz
    Einat Senderovitz
    Garin Ein Hahoresh 2019
    “During my service, my Garin and my Rakezet Keren served as my second family, and I couldn’t be happier with my…
  • Noa Rotenberg
    Noa Rotenberg
    Garin Lahav 2017
    “It was all I could imagine and a whole lot more. I made friends that are now my family and experienced…
  • Benjamin Tabib
    Benjamin Tabib
    Garin Tirat Tzvi 2017
    “Garin Tzabar is a second family but feels no lesser than one’s own…he kibbutz was just an amazing place…
  • Noy Smouha
    Noy Smouha
    Garin Lahav 2017
    “If I had to summarise Garin Tzabar in one word, it would be “community”… we were a community…

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