Garin Tzabar

Family for Life

Tzofim Garin Tzabar is a unique program that was founded in 1991 by Israeli scouts and has supported over 7,000 Lone Soldiers in the last 33 years.

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About Us

Garin Tzabar aims to provide the best support system for young Jewish adults who wish to make Aliyah to Israel and serve a meaningful service in the IDF as lone soldiers.

Tzofim Grain Tzabar fulfills its Zionist mission with the support of the IDF,  Ministry of Aliyah and integration, the Jewish Agency of Israel, Masa Israel Journey and many more.

Garin Tzabar is the only program that provides a 360° support system for its participants before moving to Israel, during and after their army service including accommodation on a full board basis throughout the whole service, physical and mental preparation to the army, Hebrew studies, assistance with Israel civil services and IDF bureaucracy, integration to Israeli society, building a family within a host community in Israel (kibbutz/Ra’anana).


  • More than 7,000 new Olim and Lone Soldiers have already enjoyed the support system of Garin Tzabar

  • Over 400 new Olim arrive to Israel with Tzofim Garin Tzabar each year

  • 80% of Alumni stay in Israel and establish a family

  • Over 1,200 Soldiers of Tzofim Garin Tzabar in active service

  • 35% of Alumni families follow their children and make Aliyah

  • 30% Tzofim Garin Tzabar soldiers serve as officers and NCO’s

  • 40% of the women in Garin Tzabar with combat medical profiles serve in combat positions

  • 89% of the men in Garin Tzabar who have combat medical profile serve in combat positions (78% of all men in Garin Tzabar)

  • Kfar Tzabar Ra’anana Is the largest absorption center for lone soldiers in Israel, accommodating over 220 Tzofim Garin Tzabar soldiers

Garin Tzabar

Our Mission

The Tzofim Garin Tzabar program is part of Israel’s Tzofim (Scouts) movement. Tzofim Garin Tzabar aims to provide the best and most comprehensive, supportive and social framework for Lone Soldiers by building strong communities (Garin*) of Lone Soldiers in various communities throughout Israel, while maintaining constant guidance.

*Garin: A group of equals with the common goals (moving the center of their lives to Israel: first enlisting in the IDF as Lone Soldiers); forming a unified group; and living a shared life in a local absorbing community which provides them with a warm, supportive home prior, during and after their military service.

Garin Tzabar

Our Story

Garin Tzabar was born over 30 years ago, in 1991 when a group of 20 young adults decided to follow their dreams to serve in the IDF and made Aliyah to kibbutz Hatzerim.

In 30 years, the small program founded by the Israeli scouts in San Francisco has grown beyond imagination. Thanks to our partners and supporters we are now reaching out not only to Israelis who live abroad, but to Jewish communities all around North America, Europe, Australia, the Former Soviet Union, Latin America, Asia and Africa, and supporting over 400 new Olim and lone soldiers every year in over 70 different kibbutzim and communities around Israel.

We take deep pride and joy to see them follow their dreams and write the new chapter of Zionism in the book of the Jewish people by joining the IDF and creating their own families as they settle in Israel in the following years.

Just like Zionism, Garin Tzabar is an endless ideal.

We cannot wait for the next 30 years as more and more Tzabarnikim from every corner of the world such as you – will join the grand Garin Tzabar family – A Family for life.

Garin on the News

  • She left Israel after serving as a lone soldier. The Gaza war brought her back.
    She left Israel after serving as a lone soldier. The Gaza war brought her back.
    Hannah Schwarcz was in New York on October 7 and didn’t find out about the massacre until October 8. By October…
  • Russian army vet joins Israeli Air Force, wishes for meaningful service
    Russian army vet joins Israeli Air Force, wishes for meaningful service
    Alexander Minikin is excited about enlisting and not deterred by war; ‘I was shocked by the events of October 7,…
  • California Mechanical Engineer to be a Lone Soldier in IDF
    California Mechanical Engineer to be a Lone Soldier in IDF
    While many children of Israeli immigrants choose to enlist in the IDF, there aren’t as many American Jews enlisting.…


  • Yair Ran
    Yair Ran
    Global Director
of Garin Tzabar
  • Daniel Amira
    Daniel Amira
    Adv. Executive Director of Tzofim Tzabar Olami
  • Hait Gilad
    Hait Gilad
    COO Tzofim Tzabar Olami
  • Raz Pearl
    Raz Pearl
    Chairman of the Israel Scouts Movement


Garin Tzabar team is spread over 4 different countries and 10 different preparation areas:

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