About Garin Tzabar

    Garin Tzabar is a unique program that provides comprehensive services to young Jewish adults (ages 18-23 [inclusive] for males and ages 18-22 [inclusive] for females) who make Aliyah and serve in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) as Lone Soldiers.

    Upon their arrival in Israel, Garin Tzabar participants are adopted by an Israeli community that becomes their home away from home before and throughout their military service.

    Over 5,000 proud Alumni

    400 participants join per year

    Our soldiers are placed in over 40 different army units

    30% of our participants are officers and commanders

    of Tzofim Garin Tzabar female soldiers serve in combat while the nation’s average stands on 5.5%

    Why Garin Tzabar

    Garin Tzabar is a one-of-a-kind program, in the sense that it is the only program that gives you a group support and framework along the whole process. From deciding whether you want to enlist or not, joining the IDF, until your release from the army, you will be going through the whole process with a group of like-minded people and coordinators who will help you step by step.


    It is almost impossible to explain the importance of the Garin for the young people who serve in the IDF far away from their families and friends. You have close friends who go through the same experiences, face similar difficulties and miss home as much as you. The group of people you will take this journey with will become your family away from home - family for life.


    From years of experience and watching thousands of Lone Soldiers in their journey in the IDF, we comprehend the difficulty of joining an army and serve far from home. This is the rationale behind our long and extensive preparation before enlistment. Four preparation seminars in the countries of origin and intesnive three-months absorption process in Israel assure better mental, physical and social readiness for living in Israel and serving in the IDF.


    We surely understand the importance of strong Hebrew skills for a smooth absorption into the army and into meaningful jobs. Our program is conducted in Hebrew, and we provide professional Hebrew Ulpan classes,

    Guidance and Support

    With Garin Tzabar, you are always fully supported by professional staff. During the absorption process, each Garin is accompanied by a coordinator and Tzofim coordinator (that keep the guidance and support throughout the military service), social counselor, logistic coordinator and two IDF Hebrew teachers (Mashakiot). Not only that, each Garin member has a host family in the adoptive community that strings along with him during the entire service.


    Bureaucracy is eased by being a part of an official program that works in cooperation with governmental institutes such as Ministry of Absorption, Bituach Leumi and the IDF. Furthermore, during the military service the Garin provides you with all the necessities - food, laundry, utilities etc, and also makes sure you understand your rights as a lone soldier.

    “There is a reason the slogan of Garin Tzabar is “family for life” - these three simple words are true. We are forever friends, forever a Garin family, and I can’t explain how lucky I feel to have that.”

    Noa Efron – Kibbutz Afikim 2016

    How It Works


    Acceptance to the Garin Tzabar program involves participation in several significant preparation and screening seminars held in parallel at several sites:

    • USA (New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Miami).
    • Western Europe (London).
    • Australia
    • Israel – for candidates physically located in Israel, whether they have already made aliyah or not or are in long or short programs in Israel and wish to enlist at the end of the program.
    • Candidates from continents with no seminar in their region may submit an application to undergo an exceptional alternative online process.

    Purpose of the preparation process:

    • Two-way expectation management regarding suitability for the program.
    • Provision of information and tools to deal with the move to Israel and military service.
    • Formulating a final position regarding aliyah and meaningful service in the IDF. Enjoy the Lone Soldier benefits in the IDF.
    • Acquaintance, forming and shaping of a supportive social group setting to guide its members during integration and throughout military service.

    During the preparation process, candidates review their decision to immigrate to Israel and undergo meaningful service in the IDF, while in parallel they are reviewed by the program team in terms of their skills, maturity and preparedness to make aliyah to Israel and live in the program’s binding setting.


    The Absorption period includes the period from the opening ceremony on the day of commencement of the program through to the last day of recruitment to the IDF in that cycle.

    The Absorption period includes housing and acclimatization of the members in the receiving community, intensive participation in the Garin Tzabar educational program, including ulpan Hebrew studies, educational tours in Israel, introduction to the structure of the military and the different positions. In parallel to the educational part, the members adapt to group life in their new home setting and undergo a shortened military screening and recruitment procedure.


    Upon recruitment in the IDF, the Garin Tzabar program continues to be a warm and supportive home for the Garin members, who continue to enjoy the benefits of the program along with personal guidance and support in solving problems.

    The Garin coordinator continues to look after of the Garin members, keeps regular contact with them, assists in solving problems that arise during military service and organizes social gatherings for the Garin during weekends and holidays.



    Preparation Seminars:


    Absorption Process:


    Enlistment: November


    Preparation Seminars:


    Absorption Process:


    Enlistment: March (High level of Hebrew is required)

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