Lone Soldiers Benefits

Flights to Visit Home

Lone soldiers are entitled to one month off per year to fly home and visit their family. They are also entitled to one free flight throughout their full service to visit their families abroad, paid for by the Association of the Soldiers of Israel. The dates of leave must be approved by the proper commanders of the soldier's unit, and must go through their Mashakit Tash.

Holiday Coupons

Lone Soldiers are supposed to receive two 200 NIS coupons twice a year (on Rosh Hashana and Passover). These can be used at various locations around Israel for products such as clothes or food. In addition, Lone Soldiers in combat units receive 1,000 NIS to a clothing store, and non-combat units recieve 400 NIS on Chanukah.

Yom Siddurim

Each Lone soldier is entitled to one day per two months as a day of leave from base to run errands, do wash, organize their lives. This is called a "Yom Siddurim", and the date must be approved of by the soldier's commander. This day is an extra day, it is not taken on a Friday, Weekend or Holiday.

International Phone Calls

A Lone Soldier who immigrated to Israel after the age of 16 and whose parents are living abroad, is entitled to get a calling card giving him or her 60 minutes per month to any destination abroad. This can be obtained through the army upon request of the soldier's Mashakit Tash after their draft.

Salary for Lone Soldiers





  • Base Salary

  • 1,616 NIS

  • 1,176 NIS

  • 810NIS

  • Food payment

  • 150 NIS

  • 150 NIS

  • 150 NIS

  • Increase for Combat

  • 422 NIS

  • 211 NIS

  • Misrad Habinui Grant

  • 402 NIS

  • 402 NIS

  • 402 NIS

  • Misrad Haklita Grant

  • 540 NIS

  • 540 NIS

  • 540 NIS

  • Total

  • 3,670 NIS

  • 3,019 NIS

  • 2,442 NIS

*It is important to note that the Lone Soldier Benefits/Rights listed above are according to the IDF regulations and are subjected to possible change

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