Director of Preparation – Religious Garin (Israel)

4th September 2019

Build the New Garin Tzabar Religious Garin in Israel


  • Incharge of all Garin Tzabar screening and preparation process of Religious candidates
  • Building a strong social framework 
  • Registration management
  • Getting to know each Garin Member story by forming a personal connection
  • Managing a team of Madrichim
  • Direct contact with candidates and thier parents 
  • weekly meeting with Director of Preparation
  • Marketing the program to the relevant audience
  • Mapping origin community
  • Execution of the marketing plan and working with Director of Marketing

Skills requirements

  • High level of English – MUST, knowledge of another language – advantage
  • Experience in Education – MUST
  • Familiar with religion and Halacha – MUST
  • Garin Tzabar / youth movement Alumni – advantage
  • Personal knowledge of Aliyah and integration to Israeli Society – MUST
  • B.a in Education / Humanities – advantage
  • Garin Tzabar / youth movement Alumni – advantage
  • Marketing oriented
  • Able to set boundaries
  • Able to speak in front of an audience
  • Able to work in a team
  • Willing to work after official working hours including weekends 

50% position, committing to at least 2 years

Send CV to: garinil@israelscouts.org

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