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Garin Tzabar Preparation Process – What is it all about?

Why is it so important to attend the seminars and what is actually happening there?

Take a word from someone who knows! Participants of the Summer 2019 preparation process share their thoughts and Adi, one of our director of preparation explain the necessity of the seminars.

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The story of Garin Tzabar kibbutz Hanita 2018

The story of Garin Tzabar kibbutz Hanita 2018

Garin Tzabar kibbutz Hanita 2018 member share their experiences on the preparation seminars and the absorption period at the kibbutz

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Garin Tzabar in Number

Garin Tzabar in Numbers

All the Information you need to know about Garim Tzabar lone soldiers program! Tzofim Garin Tzabar program support over 1,200 lone soldiers every year providing them a warm, supportive home for them from

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