Graduates Say

Esther Seif – Kibbutz Kvutzat Yavne 2017

“From the moment I arrived at Kibbutz Kvutzat Yavneh I knew I had found the support system I was hoping for, provided by Garin Tzabar. My kibbutz isn’t just my home away from home and my Garin my friends, Yavneh is my home and my Garin is my family.”

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Gal Avioz – Kibbutz Ginnigar 2015

“Being a lone soldier isn’t easy but having the help and support system of Garin Tzabar helps me remember why I made this choice in the first place and why I wouldn’t have done it any other way even if I had the chance.“

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Liat Goldfarb – Kibbutz Alumim 2013

"My kibbutz coordinator did a wonderful job helping us integrate into Israel and kibbutz life and paired us with wonderful families with whom we still keep in touch to this day.”

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